• Photomyne grabs $2.6 million to bring your old photos online

    May 27th at 6:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    If you have albums and shoeboxes stuffed with old photos, a startup called Photomyne wants to help you scan those photos, in order to bring them online where they can be saved and shared. Now the Tel Aviv-based company has raised $2.6 million in seed funding to continue to grow its business, which today is closing in on its first million users, over half of whom are paying…

  • We put 5 popular couples apps to the test and they all failed

    May 27th at 3:05pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    App geniuses, hear our plea.

  • Protect your pet with Treat’s on-demand vet visits and live chat

    May 26th at 10:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Your pet gets sick and you don’t know what to do. Google has a thousand conflicting answers and it could be a week until you can get an appointment with a veterinarian. But Treat can let you chat live with a licensed vet instantly or get them to come for same-day in-home visit to check on your furry friend. Treat can also hook you up with the best pet products, training, and…

  • Airbnb + HotelTonight = new startup Overnight

    May 26th at 9:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Need a place to crash last-minute but don’t want to pay for a pricey, cookie-cutter hotel? Overnight can hook you up with a local to stay with right away. Request a room and Overnight averages just 45 seconds until you get a response, and in LA, the startup says its spots are 23% cheaper than equivalent dwellings on HotelTonight.Overnight is Airbnb for people who don’t plan ahead.

  • Zolt helps you stay on the pulse with customized news summaries

    May 26th at 8:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    We get it, you’re a busy person, and life moves at 132 MPH. But you still want to keep your finger on the pulse, if for no other reason to not be completely out of the loop at the office water cooler, right? Zolt is fresh out of its app wrapper to help you stay tuned, with 60-word news updates on the topics you care about.

  • Blendle now lets you pay-per-article from US apps

    May 26th at 1:29pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Blendle is a Dutch startup which aggregates news from media companies that maintain a paywall, then allows users to pay a small amount per article to read what they like. Micropayments make the barrier to access much lower than a monthly subscription, and readers can even get their money back if they aren't satisfied with the story. Up until now the US version was desktop only, but today the company is rolling out mobile apps for both iOS and Android....

  • New fantasy sports app SportsHero raises $2.4M ahead of planned Australia IPO

    May 26th at 11:03am / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    SportsHero is a new app that lets sports fans dabble in match predictions and show their skills off against friends and other game-watchers. The app is made by the team behind Singapore-based TradeHero, a virtual trading app backed by more than $10 million from investors, and it launched officially this week.

  • Unfade saves your boxes of photographs from the claws of history

    May 25th at 8:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    We all have boxes and boxes worth of photographs from the days before digital photography, just begging to be rescued from obscurity. Unfade is a new app from the team behind Scanbot to help photographers immortalize their images.The app uses the technology that makes Scanbot great, and adds a layer of ease-of-use for photography buffs, taking the hassle and inconvenience out of turning…

  • Foursquare is remaking itself as a bot

    May 25th at 12:29am / The Verge / 0 opinions

    We may be getting a new way to use Foursquare. The location-based recommendation company today announced Marsbot, an iOS app for the service that aims to provide tips for where to eat and drink in the moment. "Our goal: create a product that tells you where to eat or drink before you think to ask for it," the company said in a blog post. "It would deliver contextually aware, proactive recommendations for awesome food and nightlife spots via the simplest communications channel possible: text."...

  • Microsoft tries its hand at a news bot with “Rowe”

    May 24th at 9:43pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Like everyone else these days, Microsoft sure loves its bots. Now, the company has rolled out its own news-finding bot called “Rowe,” who lives inside the latest version of Microsoft’s Bing-powered personalized news reading app, News Pro. Rowe is an experiment with helping you keep up with the news that matches your current interests. You can ask the bot to show you news…

  • Ex-Facebook designers climb charts with adorable game Pinchworm

    May 24th at 9:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Funky physics and controls make mobile games fun. You tap against gravity in Flappy Bird, fling on a trajectory in Angry Birds, and press to maintain momentum in Tiny Wings. So when two of Facebook’s top designers left to build their own apps, they wanted to bring a new gesture to gaming…and let worms, not birds, be the stars.Pinchworm sounds simple but its the mapping of the controls…

  • Gulülu turns drinking water into a game for kids

    May 24th at 8:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Through the power of smart sensors and the magic of the cloud, parched children is on its way to become a thing of the past — at least, if the Gulülu team have anything to say in the matter. The company’s bottle, launching on Kickstarter today, is the newest, most high-tech weapon in the battle to get their kids to imbibe enough liquids throughout the day.

  • You can now stream Facebook Live video from DJI drones

    May 24th at 5:05pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Crazy live aerial footage, here we come!

  • Varsity Tutors, the online platform for learning, launches a mobile app

    May 24th at 4:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Varsity Tutors, the online platform that lets top-of-the-line tutors connect with students who need some brushing up, has today launched a native mobile app.Back in 2012, the company started by simply matching tutors with students for in-person consultations. Over time, the company slowly built out its digital presence so that tutors could meet with students online via web chat, with…

  • Wrio’s roomier keyboard app launches on Android, iOS

    May 24th at 2:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    There have been many attempts to update keyboards for the digital era and speed up typing by rethinking the antique Qwerty layout. Problem is you’re going up against muscle memory, and resistance to change the habit of a lifetime. And that’s a very hard nut to crack. But a Swiss startup reckons they have done it with their Wrio keyboard.

  • Apple’s rules for video games are still causing problems in the App Store

    May 23rd at 10:09pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Apple, which last week rejected a mobile game called Liyla and The Shadows of War for its political message, has decided to approve it. The monochrome platformer, which tells the story of a young Palestinian girl living in the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing conflict with Israel, was kicked back during Apple's app review process because it contained content that "is not appropriate in the Games category." The company has a storied history of censoring mobile games that touch on politically or culturally...

  • 3nder adds a +1 for your Tinder adventures

    May 23rd at 2:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    If swiping left and right for your next adventure is starting to feel a bit last year, the team behind 3nder has a trick up its proverbial wizard’s sleeve. The app — arriving for Android imminently — assists its users in establishing less conventional relationships of the triangular persuasion, helping them find one or two additional participants for boudoir gymnastics.

  • Mathpix will solve handwritten math equations for you

    May 21st at 12:49am / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Today is the first time in a decade that I actually wished I was back in school. Mathpix is an iOS app that can recognize and answer handwritten math equations in seconds. Open the app, point the camera toward your math problem (you'll need legible handwriting, or it won't work properly), and it'll give you the correct answer along with step-by-step directions to reach the solution. Mathpix even works with more complex equations that require graphs or charts....

  • Watch Google's latest Spotlight Story, Pearl, on your phone

    May 20th at 8:49pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    A month after debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, Google's latest Spotlight Story, Pearl, just launched at Google I/O and is now available to watch on Android and iOS. The new short film, which follows a father and daughter's lives through the "eyes" of their beloved hatchback, can be viewed in the Spotlight Stories Channel on YouTube and in the Spotlight Stories app on iOS. (You'll want to watch this on a Cardboard if you have one, though.)...

  • Rhapsody launches a VR app featuring 360-degree concert videos

    May 19th at 10:29pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    The music-streaming service Rhapsody has released a virtual reality app, naturally called Rhapsody VR, which will offer exclusive 360-degree concert videos. The app is designed to work with Google Cardboard, and currently features performances from Talib Kweli, Flatbush Zombies, and Dem Atlas, among others....

  • Adobe lights a fire under its free iOS consumer productivity apps with a new rebranding scheme

    May 19th at 4:02pm / Macworld / 0 opinions

    Three popular creative apps join a new Web app under the Adobe Spark family.

  • Rawr’s the new messaging app that lets teens kick each other in the crotch

    May 19th at 2:49pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Usually my teenage daughter alerts me to the latest app trends that I'm not cool enough to discover, but I've unearthed something way before her today. While Google was busy launching 500 new messaging apps yesterday, a smaller competitor released something called Rawr Messenger, and it's a lot more unconventional....

  • Control your Bentley's seat massagers from your wrist with new Apple Watch app

    May 19th at 2:31am / AppleInsider / 0 opinions

    Following the debut of its Bentayga SUV, British automaker Bentley Motors recently launched an eponymous Apple Watch app that goes beyond run-of-the-mill connected car features, putting control over creature comforts on the wrist of well-heeled owners.

  • Poncho's playful weather app launches on Android

    May 18th at 10:09pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Somehow, Poncho is the only app genius enough to have a cartoon cat tell you about the weather. And now, fortunately, Android phone owners will be able to partake in that wonderful experience, too....

  • For Vanessa Hudgens, dressing business casual is pretty wild

    May 18th at 9:05pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Sensible heels are an adventure.

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