• 5 can't-miss apps: SayWhat, Accelerator, 'Kosmo' and more

    July 12th at 7:45am / Mashable / 1 opinions

    This week's list includes Microsoft's latest experiment, an app that helps you read faster, a visual storytelling app and more.

  • Turn off iOS 8 notifications for uninterrupted gaming

    April 14th at 12:04am / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    I’ve been playing Vainglory quite a bit lately, and the one thing that really distracts me and (when on my iPad 3) actually impacts my gameplay: notifications. They can make the game stutter, which wreaks havok on my ability to…

  • Adobe's Photoshop Mix for iPad gets extensibility, panoramic file support, more in update

    August 29th at 4:51am / AppleInsider / 1 opinions

    Adobe on Thursday issued the first update to its Creative Cloud-connected Photoshop Mix app for iPad, bringing hooks into Photoshop Express and Dropbox, as well as a few UI tweaks to the on-the-go image editing tool.

  • Instagram's Hyperlapse App Turns Videos Into Time-Lapses in 2 Taps

    August 26th at 8:25pm / Mashable / 1 opinions

    Instagram launched an app called Hyperlapse that speeds up shaky videos and turns them into beauty time-lapse shots.

  • This Is The Worst App In The World

    August 19th at 8:43pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    If you set out to build an incredibly annoying application, what would you create?If you are Daniel Zarick and Benedict Fritz, the answer to that question is The Shakedown. The app, borne out of Zarick’s torrid fever dream, is what he described in an email as “the dumbest idea [he] could imagine.” The Shakedown is so bad, it’s almost good.Kidding, it’s…

  • You’ll love to hate TwoDots’ ridiculously addictive puzzles

    July 21st at 5:04pm / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    I know that TwoDots, the followup to last year’s megahit Dots, has been out for a little while, but I have a pretty good excuse for not having reviewed it yet: I’ve been playing it this whole time. It’s taken…

  • Buyou Is A Free Online Mall Brought Straight To Your iPad

    May 22nd at 3:21pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    Shopping on the iPad is becoming one of the best ways do shop. You’re sitting on your couch, comfy as a bug in a rug, swiping through dresses, and t-shirts, and shoes! Oh my! But there’s one issue: you have to switch between all the different brand apps to enjoy yourself. Sure, you can hit up the Saks 5th Ave app and view multiple brands at once, but those brands aren’t offered the ability to reach out to you directly with their sales, content, and promotions. But that’s why Buyou, the crowd favorite h...

  • Amazon Is Quietly Launching A Local Takeout Service To Rival GrubHub, Seamless And DeliveryHero

    June 25th at 10:43pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    Amazon has been tipped to launch a local services marketplace this year to rival the likes of Thumbtack, Angie’s List and Yelp. Now one part of that effort looks like it’s about to go live: the company is now rolling out a food takeout service, “a direct competitor to GrubHub, Seamless and DeliveryHero,” in the words of someone who worked on the service at…

  • Exercise Competition App Fitt Leaves Beta, Wants You To Get Off Your Lazy Backside

    June 18th at 3:43pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    Fitt took the beta wrapper off its fitness competition service today and launched to the general public. The service previously spun an early beta group of 120 users into more than 10,000, depending on those first users inviting others onto its platform.Another fitness app? Yes, but of a slightly different varietal: Fitt is built around the idea of challenges and wants you to keep moving.

  • The App Store Is Proof We’re In Idiocracy

    May 17th at 12:23am / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    The number one game in the iTunes App Store is a game about selling weed. Yes, really. The app, “Weed Firm,” however, looks brilliant when compared to what comes next: it sits just above yet another fairly dumb, time-waster of a game called “100 Balls,” reminiscent of beer pong. And that’s followed “Toilet Time,” which offers you quick games to play…

  • How to turn your iPad into a desktop with these remote access apps

    May 3rd at 8:07pm / GigaOM / 1 opinions

    Accessing a desktop computer from your iPad can be useful when you are out and about. There are some really great options that can make setup and discovery from anywhere on the internet quick and easy.

  • Amazon Guts The ComiXology App With Removal Of In-App Purchases, Users Not Happy

    April 28th at 4:23pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    Amazon has begun the Amazonification of recent acquisition ComiXology, by killing in-app purchases within the popular “Comics” by ComiXology app. This required the actual removal of the original app from the App Store, and the introduction of a new read-only viewer, with the store relocating entirely to the web. Back when Apple introduced a rule forbidding direct linking to outside…

  • Goodbye pokey Inbox refresh: Gmail for iOS gains background updates

    March 5th at 9:07pm / GigaOM / 2 opinions

  • Visual Search App CamFind Passes 1M Downloads, Makes Its API Public

    October 31st at 5:03pm / TechCrunch / 2 opinions

    CamFind, the visual search app that wants to be a faster and more accurate alternative to Google Goggles, recently hit two milestones. Its iOS app just crossed a total of one million downloads (an Android version will be released in two months) and its API is now available for other developers to download on Mashape. The app’s creators, Dominik Mazur and Bradford Folkens, say they made…

  • This Anti-Snooping App Catches People Who Spy on Your iPhone

    February 12th at 2:30am / Gizmodo / 1 opinions

    SHave you ever wondered if people are spying on you? Not to be paranoid or anything, but we all leave our phones unattended sometimes. It's not hard for a friend—or foe—to take a quick look at your text messages. But don't fret.Catchr ($2) does one thing, and it does it pretty well. Once you install the app and quit all of the apps you have running, Catchr will record all of the most basic activity on your phone, namely which apps are opened and closed. (It doesn't work on the Mail app due to App Store...

  • Eight iPhone Apps To Help You Survive Burning Man

    August 26th at 9:44pm / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    people are about to ascend on Black Rock City, Nevada to join in the Burning Man festival experiment. There’s going to be art galore, crazy events, weird costumes for days, and the brutal Black Rock Desert meting out its hellish punishments on each and every Burner. Making the trip to BRC is easy, but surviving is entirely different, so we’ve found eight great apps that will help you get out of the desert alive:

  • Best New Apps: Storehouse

    February 4th at 10:49pm / The Verge / 1 opinions

    Here's the thing: most apps suck. And not only does that make bad apps hard to avoid, it makes the good ones hard to find when there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there. So in this series, we highlight our favorite apps on every platform, whether it's for your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or any other device....

  • Apple updates iWork suite for OS X and iOS with new features, bug fixes

    January 24th at 3:31am / AppleInsider / 1 opinions

    Coming on the heels of an updated iWork for iCloud, Apple on Thursday released refreshed Keynote versions for both OS X and iOS, adding new features like password-protected file sharing and productivity enhancements, while iMove gains a slew of bug fixes.

  • 10 of the best iOS calendar apps

    August 22nd at 4:08pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    There’s never enough time in the day to get things done and chances are that you or someone you know has turned to technology to help keep track of their busy schedules. But since the majority of us don’t have the funds to hire a personal assistant, the next best thing is a mobile device....

  • The NASA Engineer Who Made iPads the Future of Halloween

    October 31st at 8:10pm / Gizmodo / 1 opinions

    Two years ago, NASA engineer Mark Rober blew YouTube's mind with a video of his Halloween costume: a hole in his chest. Or at least it looked like a hole in his chest. In fact, it was an optical illusion made possible by two iPads, a little duct tape and a lot of ingenuity. Well, you won't believe what he's been up to since then....

  • Launch Center Pro 2 review: iOS utility automates everyday app actions

    October 17th at 3:02pm / Macworld / 1 opinions

    A few months ago, I noticed that the Phone app was gone from my iPhone’s home screen. I honestly do not remember moving it—one day, I simply relegated it to a folder, alongside several other pieces of Apple software that I rarely used. The problem wasn’t so much that I didn’t make many phone calls, but, rather, that the phone app was no longer the most convenient way to do so....

  • New 'flat' iPhoto and GarageBand icons appear in iOS iCloud Settings, hint at app revisions

    October 17th at 8:31am / AppleInsider / 2 opinions

    It was discovered on Wednesday that icons for two of Apple's first-party iOS apps were modified to take on the "flat" aesthetic seen in iOS 7, suggesting the software will be updated in the coming weeks.

  • Google Glass App Turns Photos Into Paint Chips

    October 4th at 11:15pm / Mashable / 2 opinions

    Sick of the stacks of paint chips and countless shades of beige? A new Google Glass app can help. Powered by paint retailer Sherwin-Williams, ColorSnap Glass lets users turn photos of design inspiration -- a favorite piece of art, a scene from your backyard -- into a custom palette. See also: 5 Handy iPhone Apps for Home Improvement First, a Glass user snaps a picture of their inspiration, which is sent to Sherwin-Williams’ server.

  • Skype for iPad and iPhone get ability to join group voice calls, but no iOS 7 redesign

    September 18th at 10:08pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    On the day of iOS 7′s release, Skype has pushed out an update for its iPhone app and its iPad app, adding the ability to join group voice calls and improving other existing features. You can download the new versions now directly from Apple’s App Store: iPhone and iPad....

  • Chrome Beta for Android APK reveals a redesigned, flat Google logo with lighter colors

    September 9th at 6:48pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    A number of technology firms including Yahoo and Motorola Mobility have redesigned their logos recently in a bid to refresh their public image. Now, it looks like Google could be the next in line to give its iconic multi-colored branding a small makeover....

  • FindIt Lets You Search Dropbox, Gmail & Google Drive All At Once From Your iPhone

    July 29th at 8:44pm / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    You know the document you’re looking for, but you can’t remember where it’s saved. Did you upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive, or was it sent to you in an email? Fortunately, a new iPhone app called FindIt lets you quickly search all three — all at once.

  • You’ll Soon Be Able To Self-Checkout At Walmart Using Your iPhone

    March 20th at 9:04pm / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    Depending on how well it works for you, the Apple Store app’s EasyPay system is either a dream of a convenience or a total nightmare that ends up getting you arrested. And now a similar experience is rolling out to over 200 Walmarts nationwide.

  • ‘Airbnb for bikes’ Spinlister goes global, launches a new iPhone app and plans for other outdoor pursuits

    July 29th at 5:48pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    It’s been more than a year since Spinlister launched its ‘Airbnb for bikes’ in New York City and San Francisco. And a lot has happened to the peer-to-peer bike-sharing marketplace in the 16 months since it first opened for business....

  • Dropbox takes on iCloud with cloud syncing for any app

    July 10th at 12:29am / The Verge / 1 opinions

    Dropbox wants to provide the cloud backbone for all types of mobile apps and websites. At its first ever developer conference today, the company revealed a new service that takes Dropbox away from just files and folders. With a new API called Datastores, the company is hoping to power the way third-party apps sync data like contacts, to-dos, game saves, and more across multiple platforms in near realtime....

  • Hands-On With The Week's Top Apps

    June 3rd at 3:05am / Mashable / 2 opinions

    There were a lot of interesting app releases this week. Dots, the highly addictive iOS game that's been stealing hours away from Mashable employees for weeks, finally launched an iPad version, and added new multiplayer functionality. Google Calendar brought a much-needed update to Android, and Qualcomm released an app to help Android users get the most out of their batteries.

  • The 15 Best Free iPad Games

    May 20th at 12:05am / Mashable / 1 opinions

    Not all iPad games are created equal, especially when it comes to cost. You might download a great game only to fall into a trap of ugly graphics, bad controls and in-app purchases. Lucky for you, we've tested 15 games for their fun factors -- and they're all free. You'll find complicated strategy games, creative titles and games you can play against your friends. SEE ALSO: 10 Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games Check out our list above.

  • Instagram now lets you tag people in photos, adds 'Photos of You' section

    May 2nd at 9:48pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    Today Instagram released version 3.5 of its iOS and Android applications. Key to the release is a new feature dubbed ‘Photos Of You’ that tracks the pictures that you have been snapped in; it’s a running compendium of images that you are featured in....

  • Angry Birds Friends, the social twist on Rovio’s hit game, is out now for Android and iOS

    May 2nd at 5:48pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    The latest instalment in the story of Rovio’s hit franchise is here. As the company promised early last month, Angry Birds Friends is now available on iOS and Android, offering a Facebook-powered social twist on the game that surely literally every single person in the galaxy must have played by now....

  • Traktor DJ for iPhone brings simple but power mixing tools to Apple's small screen

    May 2nd at 5:09pm / The Verge / 1 opinions

    Earlier this year, Native Instruments released Traktor DJ for iPad, a powerful DJ system that also has a lower learning curve than most mixing options out there. Now, the company is attemping to bring that experience to the small screen with the dedicated Traktor DJ app for iPhone and iPod touch. It's a $4.99 app, compared to the $19.99 NI is asking for the iPad version, but it doesn't skip on features — in fact, the company says just about every feature from the iPad app is present in this new release....

  • 6 Essential Apps for Connected Families

    March 29th at 1:05am / Mashable / 1 opinions

    The modern family is more connected than ever, with each member toting a smartphone or mobile device to every appointment, event or play date. Sharing your newborn's first moments or checking in with the kids after school becomes infinitely easier with a plethora of family apps, from private networks to monitoring maps. SEE ALSO: These 11 Apps Will Supercharge Your Personal Life If you need help planning activities for your little ones, social parenting apps like RedRover can give you ideas.

  • WhatsApp now free to download for iOS

    December 21st at 7:09pm / The Verge / 1 opinions

    The popular cross-platform messaging client WhatsApp is giving its iPhone application away for free for a limited time. The app ordinarily costs $0.99 and gives users a way to get around SMS fees by letting them send messages to other members of the service over the internet, in an identical way to competitors like Kik, Viber, Facebook Messenger (which recently dropped its account requirement for Android), and many others. The Android version of the app will remain free to download, with a $0.99 yearly...

  • App hides pre-installed iOS titles, disables iAds without jailbreak

    March 12th at 1:31am / AppleInsider / 1 opinions

    In an app likely to be pulled from the App Store in the very near future, HIddenApps promises to remove stock iOS apps like Newsstand and Weather from a user's home screen.

  • Poof! Hide All Your iOS Stock Apps, No Jailbreak Required

    March 12th at 12:24am / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    The iTunes image preview may have gigantic typos, but HiddenApps lets yo do something really incredible without a jailbreak: hide stock iOS apps like Stocks, Newsstand, Passbok, Mail and more.

  • Buy Me (Shopping list) - Review

    March 9th at 7:37pm / AppsTimes.ru / 3 opinions

  • Real Racing 3 launches as freemium iOS app from EA

    February 28th at 9:31pm / AppleInsider / 1 opinions

    Developer Firemonkeys' highly anticipated new game "Real Racing 3" hit the iOS App Store on Thursday with a new freemium model that relies on microtransaction in-app purchases.

  • Durex App Promises Discreet Condom Delivery on Demand

    February 2nd at 8:25am / Mashable / 1 opinions

    Ever noticed you never seem to have a condom when you need one?" asks a new app from Durex that promises to save you from those awkward situations. The SOS Condoms iOS app claims to provide discreet delivery of the protection you're looking for. Just fire up the app, locate yourself, choose the product you need, and a delivery person -- disguised as a pizza delivery man, police officer or tourist (apparently so as not to draw suspicion) -- will deliver it to you for cash on delivery, says the app.

  • Ping for iOS is a wordless, emotionless way to grab friends’ attention

    January 31st at 11:28pm / The Next Web / 1 opinions

    Why would you want to call or text a friend when you can simply ‘ping’ them? Well, that’s exactly where Ping is coming from with its new app....

  • Kumo Lumo is a delightful iOS game

    January 28th at 7:42pm / Macworld / 1 opinions

    Chillingo’s Kumo Lumo is a unique, adorable, and (best of all) free mobile game available for iOS devices. Gameplay is simple and straightforward, which makes it perfect for casual play. It’s a universal app, so it will run smoothly on both your iPhone and your iPad, assuming they’re running iOS 5.0 or later....

  • Twitter launches Vine for sharing quick, looping videos

    January 24th at 9:03pm / Macworld / 1 opinions

    Twitter on Thursday released a new, video-focused iPhone app—replete with a social network of its own. If a tweet is 140 characters and a picture’s worth 1000 words, a six-second video of the sort you can create with Vine must be worth 144,000 words or so, by today's exchange rates....

  • Free Voice Calling Rolls Out on Facebook Messenger for iOS

    January 17th at 1:50am / Gizmodo / 1 opinions

    One of features promised with the Facebook Messenger for iPhone update a few weeks ago was Voice-Over IP calling (Download it here). Facebook promised that in the coming weeks you'd be able to call your friends over a cellular or Wi-Fi data connection instead of using up your plan minutes. The feature is finally rolling out now....

  • Poster 2.0 Adds A Ton Of New Features To The Best Blogging App On iOS

    January 15th at 6:44pm / Cult of Mac / 1 opinions

    Poster, arguably the best WordPress blogging app for iOS, has received a major new update today, which adds a ton of new features and improvements. In addition to support for custom post types, version 2.0 brings the ability to edit a post’s excerpt and insert images anywhere you like, and the option to remove a post’s featured image. Check out the update notes below for the full list of changes and improvements.

  • Cycloramic app takes panoramas by vibrating your iPhone in a circle

    January 2nd at 10:09pm / The Verge / 1 opinions

    The art of panning your iPhone 5 for the perfect panorama has been turned into a handsfree affair this month courtesy of the Cycloramic 360-degree video app. This $0.99 piece of software uses the latest iPhone's vibration motors to automatically spin it around on a flat surface — you get a choice of 360, 720, or even 1080 degrees — while recording video. In trying it out, I found that the surface needs to be both flat and decently grippy, otherwise you'll find your handset getting stuck, but the good...

  • Photo 365 for iPhone: Take a Picture Every Day of the Year

    August 24th at 10:02pm / Gizmodo / 1 opinions

    A lot of people try to take one picture every day of the year but fail after the first week. It's hard to remember, life gets in the way, whatever. Photo 365 gives you daily reminders and keeps 'em lookin' nice in a tidy calendar It's a camera app that's main focus is to help you take one picture each day of the year. It's pretty much the project 365 idea (that your Facebook friends have probably tried doing!) in app form. The base mode is a calendar view that shows thumbnails for the days you've taken...

  • Google Maps For iOS Was Downloaded Over 10M Times In Its First 48 Hours After Launch

    December 17th at 11:43pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    According to Google’s Jeff Huber, Google Maps for iOS is a runaway success, having seen over 10M downloads in just 48 hours after its launch. This is a pretty huge number, and rare that a company as large as Google would share such numbers. Still, it’s impressive in every way. The app stands atop the free app leaderboard on Apple’s App Store, clearly suggesting that the people…

  • With 140M+ Users, Skype Competitor Viber Launches “Send Location” Feature For iPhone, Android

    December 18th at 2:23pm / TechCrunch / 1 opinions

    Today Viber has hit another huge milestone, announcing that there are now over 140 million users on the service, and that’s only the beginning. According to the company, an additional 400,000 users join the service every day. To celebrate, the company has launched version 3.2 of the popular calling and messaging app, with brand new features for iOS and Android users. In case you haven’t…

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