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  • Free App Magically Turns Your iPhone Pics Into Videos

    March 7th at 9:25pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Takes, a new app making its debut at SXSW is attempting to reinvent how you take photos. The iPhone camera app takes photos as you traditionally might with your smartphone camera, but then goes a step further to turn those pictures into unique, shareable videos clips, complete with a soundtrack. “It’s as easy as taking photo, and you get a cool video,” Amit Man, founder of Takes, told Mashable. He says the original idea for the app came to him while watching a Harry Potter film.

  • WideAngle, Tunable, and More

    March 29th at 10:00pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    Looking for a way to organize your massive collection of selfies pictures of you and your friends? Trying to break into the music scene with the voice of an angel, more specifically a tone-deaf, 3-pack-a-day angel? Just want to get a feel for the world without ever putting on pants? This week's offering of iPad apps has you covered, whatever your dream may be....

  • Disney Interactive launches Story, a non-Disney-centric photo app

    May 8th at 10:22pm / Macworld / 0 opinions

    We know that Disney Interactive is capable of producing quality apps that aren’t based on classic Disney characters: Where’s My Water—which features a cartoon alligator named Swampy who was created specifically for a mobile game—has had plenty of App Store success on its own, without a major movie or show....

  • Stilly Is A One-Button GIF Maker For iPhone That’s Even Easier Than Vine

    June 1st at 2:23am / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Like GIFs? Tumblr? Got an iPhone? $2.00? OK, good, then you’ll probably like this new app called Stilly which is either the most ridiculous thing ever or the most fun you’re going to have all weekend. The app, in a nutshell, turns anything you capture with your iPhone’s camera into a jiggling, wiggly, color-flashing GIF. Well, you know, kind of!

  • Instagram Launches Cinema, Its Fix For The iPhone’s Shaky Camera

    June 24th at 12:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Instagram today finally unveiled its anticipated video service and served it with a kicker, great for those of us with shaky hands. It launched Cinema: a way to stabilize the video captured with the iPhone. Right now this is an iPhone-only app. And for good reason. Since the launch of the iPhone 5, Android phone makers have embraced higher quality cameras than Apple with many flagship devices…

  • VLC for iOS Will Return to Apple's App Store on July 19

    July 19th at 8:28am / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    VideoLAN revealed some very exciting news today: VLC for iOS will be back in Apple’s App Store by tomorrow (July 19). The company tells TNW the app will be available for free worldwide, requires iOS 5.1 or later, as well supports the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch....

  • iPhone Apps of the Week: Receiptmate, Snap Save, and More

    August 10th at 2:30am / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    S Receiptmate: No one save receipts anymore. We buy nearly everything either online or with a credit card, so since we basically have an electronic record of most of our purchases, it's become too easy to toss any potential paper trail. But some of our payments are still made in cash, and if you really want to track your budget, you need to track it all. Receiptmate makes it easy. [$3]...

  • Movie studio on your face: Givit's iPhone app lets you edit video from Google Glass

    August 27th at 8:09pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Video app startup Givit believes Google Glass could end up being the next Flip camera, but without the descent into irrelevance. "People loved Flip because it was so easy to use," says Greg Kostello, the company's founder and CEO. "Glass is just as easy as Flip, just as fun — more fun really." Which is why Givit has built a simplistic Google Glass app that allows users to push video shot on the experimental device into the company's iPhone app for quick, simple edits....