• 5 Best Tablet Apps for Doodlers

    July 10th at 3:25pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    The transition into a paperless world has been pretty rough on us doodlers. Until recently, the market was rife with clunky, low-functioning drawing apps that didn't exactly fulfill our inherent need to sketch. Considering the fact that doodling during verbal exchanges has been shown to improve our attention spans and memory, an intuitive drawing app is essential to the wandering mind. Luckily, a new dawn has been ushered in for the connected doodler.

  • Skitch Brings Its Awesome Screenshot Making Skills to the iPad

    December 22nd at 3:07pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    Our favorite arrow drawing, circle creatin' screenshot annotation app for OS X, Skitch, is now on the iPad. It's pretty much like the desktop version of the app with options to easily draw on pictures, webpages, screenshots, maps or a blanks late. But since you're doing everything with your finger and not a mouse, it's even more fun. Since Skitch is now owned by do-it-all-note app Evernote, everything you draw can be saved to Evernote for future vieiwing. Sketches are easy to make, with finger, pencil,...

  • Planet Hop is the most masochistic fun you’ve had since Flappy Bird

    September 11th at 11:04pm / Cult of Mac / 0 opinions

    There’s something incredibly compelling about a mobile game with simple mechanics and a maddeningly frustrating success rate. If you’ve played Flappy Bird or one of the several clones out there, you know exactly what that means. Gavin Bowman, an indie…

  • Eidos Will Sell Deus Ex: The Fall To Jailbreakers, But Won’t Let Them Play The Game

    July 12th at 12:04am / Cult of Mac / 0 opinions

    Deus Ex: The Fall came out yesterday, and the much anticipated cyberpunk game was immediately met with luke warm to mostly negative reviews for being a very bland game indeed. But that’s not the least of Deus Ex: The Fall’s problems. If you have a jailbroken device, the developers won’t let you play it at all… even if you’ve purchased it legally!

  • Radiolab App: Be a Part of the Nerdiest Show On the Airwaves

    June 22nd at 2:40pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    WNYC's Radiolab is audio storytelling at its best: Experimental, wonderful, and weird. The show's new app for Android and iOS is designed to get you in on the action of making the crazy sound happen. The app has a built-in recorder that allows you to capture audio wherever you are and submit it to the show for use on the air. Crowdsourced journalism, hurray! As you'd expect, the Radiolab app also allows you to browse the show's archive, listen to podcasts streaming, and download them for listening on...

  • Get to know iOS 8: Customize your Notification Center with handy new widgets

    September 20th at 4:22am / Macworld / 0 opinions

    Among iOS 8's many new features are some cool ways to let you interact with your apps without actually having to open them. Interactive notifications are one example, and another is the brand-new widgets available in Notification Center. Apple is a little late to this game—Android has had widgets for years, and users can put them right on their home screens—but at least what we have is both elegant and functional....

  • Rovio Confirms Angry Birds Star Wars II Launch For Sept. 19 With 30 Playable Characters And Hasbro Partnership

    July 15th at 5:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Rovio and Lucasfilm have just confirmed that it will indeed launch a sequel to the much-beloved Angry Birds Star Wars game on September 19 across the globe. This confirms our earlier report from last week. Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars takes the same physics-based gameplay and puts it in a gravity-free environment, giving users new tricks and tools to destroy the piggies’ habitat and move on…

  • Daily App Deals: Get MacX DVD Ripper for Mac for Free in Today’s App Deals

    May 8th at 9:30pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale. MacX DVD Ripper Pro (MacX DVD Giveaway) Previously $49.95, now Free. MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac specializes in ripping DVDs straight into the best format for your devices, from iOS devices to the iPod Classic to the PS3. This giveaway comes without tech support or free updates, so some future DVD releases may thwart it with new copy protection, but for now it will...

  • Consensual Sex App Promises to Make Your Personal Life Super Awkward

    September 30th at 10:05pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Everything is about to get really awkward.

  • Report: WeChat’s photo-sharing function propels growth of Chinese apps including Baidu Photowonder

    July 17th at 11:48am / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    In an excellent example of how cross-company cooperation can propel skyrocketing growth, Chinese search giant Baidu’s PhotoWonder app has chalked up a growth rate of 4300 percent with monthly downloads of 1.6 million due primarily to a photo-sharing craze on messaging service WeChat — owned by another Chinese Internet giant Tencent....

  • iHi: A Curious Location-Sharing Web App

    August 28th at 8:18pm / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    No matter what you have to say about them, location-focused services have proved extremely powerful, and there’s still much more innovation to be done. Foursquare, which I’m loving more and…