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  • Apple's App Store is about to go green in a big way

    April 14th at 7:25pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    For a limited time, a whole bunch of iPhone and iPad apps will have bonus green-themed content.

  • Vine now lets you watch an entire channel with one tap

    April 14th at 12:29am / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Forget scrolling from video to video — Vine now lets you sit back and watch an entire channel with just a single tap. After an update to the app on iOS and Android today, Vine will now include a "watch" button on all channels that lets you start playback of every Vine included to date. The button will work both on an individual person's channel and on Vine's curated Explore section channels. You can also select which order the Vines will play in, by choosing to sort the channel in chronological order,...

  • Roundup: Best iOS apps for creating, managing and sharing GIFs

    April 10th at 6:51pm / AppleInsider / 0 opinions

    Introduced in 1987, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images have evolved from small icons to hugely popular animated clips that are adding humor to everyday digital conversations. AppleInsider has compiled a list of the best keyboards, creators and storage tools to get you GIF-ing.

  • This new app lets you express your feelings with video memes, not GIFs

    April 6th at 10:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Today, GIFs have become a popular way communicate sentiment online and in mobile messaging, where written text doesn’t always do the job. More expressive than an emoji, these looping images let you share a specific thought or feeling with little effort. But today, a new app is launching to see if video can step in where GIFs leave off, by allowing for a different means of expression.

  • Google’s high-end Nik Collection photo software is now free, and probably dead

    April 5th at 7:42pm / Macworld / 0 opinions

    Grab Nik’s Photoshop plug-ins for free, but don’t expect any more updates.

  • You can now record 60-second videos in Instagram

    March 29th at 8:09pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Two months after letting advertisers extend their videos to 60 seconds, Instagram is granting the same privilege to regular users. Instagram videos, which have been limited to 15 seconds since they were introduced in June 2013, can now extend to a full minute. Like its corporate parent, Instagram has been gradually transforming its feed from a stream of static images to a more lucrative collection of videos. In the past six months, the time Instagram users spent watching videos has increased 40 percent,...

  • Snapchat redesigns chat to add stickers, audio, and video notes

    March 29th at 7:09pm / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Snapchat is releasing a major update today that bolsters its chat function with a variety of new multimedia features. The long-rumored update adds more than 200 stickers featuring walruses, sloths, aliens, and Snapchat's signature ghost, and they can be searched by keyword, as on Facebook Messenger. There are also easier controls for starting a video call, allowing you to dial someone who is not present in the chat. You can also choose to chat via audio, and switch back and forth from audio to video...

  • YouTube’s iPad app updated with Slide Over and Split View support

    March 23rd at 12:29am / The Verge / 0 opinions

    Google today updated its YouTube iOS app to support Slide Over and Split View, two integral multitasking features that let iPad owners use mobile apps more like desktop software. Slide Over, which lets you check an app briefly by sliding it onto the screen, and Split View, which lets you run software side-by-side, were introduced as part of last year's iOS 9 update. Both are critical to helping position the iPad — specifically the larger and more powerful iPad Pro — as a viable laptop replacement....

  • 16 apps that will seriously raise your Instagram game

    March 16th at 3:05pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    It's time to take your 'grams to the next level.

  • Instagram to optimize user feeds, show posts out of chronological order

    March 16th at 4:31am / AppleInsider / 0 opinions

    Photo sharing service Instagram on Tuesday announced plans to apply an optimization algorithm to user feeds that, much like the system used by parent company Facebook, reorders posts based on a variety of performance metrics.

  • Mobile portfolio app takes Moo beyond business cards

    March 16th at 2:23am / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    As a creative, you’re most likely to get hired for a job off the back of your portfolio of past clients and work. Aimed squarely at this market, Moo — the company better known for their business cards — launched Monogram, a free app helping make portfolios more portable. Using the app, you can create a series of themed portfolios showing off what you do.

  • Kodak Moments come to life in a trippy SXSW sensory journey