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  • 10 iPhone Apps to Get You Back to School

    August 24th at 3:18pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    As August nights get cooler, we begin begrudgingly counting down the remaining summer days. Once Labor Day passes, it's back to school time for millions. The best part of...

  • The Week In iPhone Apps: Look Into Your Soul, Kid

    July 24th at 9:00pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    This week in the App store, things got a little deep: We discovered haunting new sounds, created fine art, psychoanalyzed our friends, read great literature, experimented with prescription drugs, and even reconnected with an estranged child. Your turn! Layers: Layers is a Sketches-style drawing app, except with, well, layers. That might seem a little excessive for a fingerpainting app, but for serious iPhone art—which is a thing, by the way—five layers and the ability to export in PSD format is...

  • Get Photoshop and Any Other Adobe Creative Suite Tool for 80% Off in Today’s App Deals

    February 22nd at 10:30pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Student and Teacher Edition (Adobe) Previously $199, now $39.80. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Student and Teacher Edition for Windows or Mac is Adobe's flagship photo editing/creation tool, now available for 80% off for those that have a .edu email account. This deal is also valid for those that would rather purchase Creative Suite 5.5...

  • Top 5 Apps Your Kids Will Love This Week

    September 23rd at 9:07pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Your weekly roundup is here and brings with it five new apps that your kids will love. From space exploration and LEGO building, to monsters and superheroes, these apps...

  • 14 of 2012's Best Apps for Creatives

    December 31st at 1:23pm / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    If you’re a creative with a penchant for eking out the best tools to help you produce the goods, 2012 saw a slew of handy apps that could help you in your endeavors....

  • With Series A Funding From SoftBank Ventures Korea, SmarTots Helps Educational App Developers Localize For China

    February 25th at 10:49pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    China is now the world’s largest smartphone marketplace, with Flurry estimating that there will be 246 million smart devices in China by the end of this month. It’s a potentially lucrative market for app developers, but almost impossible to crack without the necessary language or cultural understanding to reach Chinese users. Educational app makers, however, have SmarTots to help.

  • Artsly is a YouTube-like learning app catering to females, from Pakistan’s first Europe-backed startup

    July 3rd at 10:08am / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    Pakistan has the sixth largest population on the planet, with more than 180 million people, but the country startup scene is very much below profile. iKnowl, a company based in capital city Lahore, is aiming to change that and today it announced the launch of its new service – Artsly — and revealed it has raised $175,000 from Europe-based investor Kima Ventures....

  • 10 Apps to Get Kids Excited About Science

    November 30th at 4:25pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Productivity and email apps might get adults fired up, but most kids aren't buying it. Through fun, educational tools, kids can learn a lot from today's smartphones and tablets. See also: 12 Apps You'll Use This Weekend These 10 apps were designed specifically for the children and teens interested in exploring the world of science. They cover disciplines from astronomy to meteorology to anatomy, so you can find an option for everyone in your family.

  • How to choose the right iOS app for your note taking needs

    March 29th at 8:07pm / GigaOM / 0 opinions

    With so many note apps in the app store it is hard to pick the right one. Making the correct choice depends on what you are looking for as the best note apps have features all their own.

  • Best of Cyber Monday: Free and deeply discounted apps for iOS and OS X

    December 2nd at 2:11am / AppleInsider / 0 opinions

    On the biggest e-sales day of the year, app developers are getting in on the action with hefty Cyber Monday price cuts on popular titles for iOS and Mac, including half-price and free deals for Fantastical, Assassin's Creed Pirates, Pixelmator and more.

  • 5 can't-miss apps: Simply Piano, Skype, Threads and more

    September 6th at 3:25am / Mashable / 0 opinions

    This week's list includes a redesigned Skype, a clever way app to make up your own text threads and an app to help you learn to play piano.

  • Language-learning apps that you need now

    July 3rd at 2:25pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Download a new language into your brain.

  • Free App Of The Week: Snapseed, iOS’s Incredible Photo Editor App

    June 1st at 9:23am / Cult of Mac / 0 opinions

    Apple recently followed Amazon’s lead in unveiling a “Free App Of The Week” category, and this week’s is a doozy: Nik Software’s practically perfect image editor, Snapseed. Normally priced at $5, Snapseed is a fantastic photo editing app that allows you some fantastic control over manipulating and editing photos that you’ve taken with your iPhone. It’s simple enough that even the most Photoshop-unfriendly Instragrammer can use it. This isn’t the first time Snapseed has been free, but my guess is a lot m...

  • Startup Beats Microsoft, Brings Office to iPad for Free

    January 5th at 12:40pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Silicon Valley startup CloudOn beat Microsoft in releasing an iPad app that lets you edit Microsoft Office documents on the Apple tablet. CloudOn pro…

  • Leafsnap for iPhone and iPad

    May 23rd at 10:00pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    In this age of excess, there's one thing we could all use a little more of: Nature! It's life giving and life affirming. It's all around us. And yet, most of us still don't know it all that well. No longer! Leafsnap will turn you into a tree-identifying citizen of the future. Do you know your maples from your elms? I don't! Because despite whatever resolutions we might make to "get outside more," "get better at identifying trees" isn't an item you'll find at the top of many twenty-first century to-do...

  • The Walking Dead, Anatomy and Physiology, and More

    July 27th at 10:00pm / Gizmodo / 0 opinions

    You need a strong stomach for this week's best iPad apps. We're giving you a zombie-fighting game, an anatomy reference, and more. Hope you don't lose your lunch! Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat Color & Create: Who wasn't a Dr. Seuss fan as a kid? Now little ones can enjoy the classics on the iPad with a coloring book based on the PBS Kids TV Show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That (which also just launched on the iPad). $1.99 Anatomy and Physiology Revealed: This app's not for everyone, but if...

  • TinyTap, A DIY Game Creation App For Kids, Raises $500K Seed Round

    November 14th at 7:19am / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    TinyTap, an iPad application that lets you or your children create playable books and games using easy DIY tools, is announcing having raised a $500,000 round of seed funding from Inimiti, a new $35 million Israeli micro venture capital fund. TinyTap is Inimit’s first investment. The additional funding will be used primarily for continued product development, including the launch of new game…

  • The Best Apps for New Parents

    January 29th at 6:45pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    Being a new parent is such an exciting time, but also an extremely busy one. If you need advice or organizational tools, smartphone apps can save you time, provide solutions and let you focus on what's really important -- your baby.

  • Kids’ iPad Magazine Timbuktu Rethinks Its Tricky In-App Purchasing Model, Releases A More Parent-Friendly App

    April 22nd at 9:09am / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Timbuktu, an adorably designed educational and entertainment-focused iPad app for kids, has finally revamped its business model – a model which had previously been a terrible example of how children’s apps too often try to grow their revenue by tricking kids into purchasing in-app content. The company now admits that its virtual allowance mechanism was too misleading, and has moved forward…

  • Curious Brings Its “Learn Anything” Marketplace And Video Lesson Library To The iPad

    August 26th at 5:23pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    Thanks to the steady march of technology into the world of education, it’s a great time to be a lifelong learner. Today, there are a growing number of platforms that allow us to search and discover (quality) learning content, across a wide variety of topics. Plus, thanks to the advance of technology that enables the speedy production and distribution of video at scale, the traditional barriers to…

  • 89 of the best iOS apps launched in 2013

    December 28th at 7:08pm / The Next Web / 0 opinions

    In a year that saw Apple finally pass the one million milestone in terms of live applications in the App Store, it’s fair to say there’s a deluge of file-managers, smart calendars, budgeting tools and funky cameras to sift through to get to the real gems....

  • How iOS8 extensions could help college students dump their laptops and rely on their iPads

    June 29th at 9:47pm / GigaOM / 0 opinions

    It’s still pretty difficult for a college student to get by using an iPad as a primary computer. Upcoming changes to iOS 8, however, could lighten the load.

  • 5 can't-miss apps: Paper, SwiftKey, uHealth and more

    February 8th at 6:05am / Mashable / 0 opinions

    This week's list includes SwiftKey's latest update, an eye-tracking app to help improve your concentration and an app to help Windows Phone users customize their home screen.

  • “App Santa” Promo Drops Prices On 20 Top iOS And Mac Apps

    December 22nd at 9:03pm / TechCrunch / 0 opinions

    There are a number of holiday app sales now running as mobile developers slash prices in hopes of reaching potential customers who will soon be unwrapping smartphones for Christmas. But one of the better promotions, starting today, is called “App Santa” and involves a group of indie developers behind some of the most popular applications on the iOS and Mac App Stores. The group…

  • The 10 Best iPad Apps for Showing Off Your Retina Display

    March 20th at 3:00pm / Mashable / 0 opinions

    In case you hadn't noticed, the new iPad is here, with a gorgeous retina display. Although virtually every app will look better on the new screen, software that's designed...